Hello! Thanks for joining us on our adoption journey. Chad and I have decided to adopt a little girl from Haiti. We are excited to learn about what God has in store for our family.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Newest Family Member-5 Months Home

Carline has been been home for almost 5 months. She has changed so much, it is hard to describe. She arrived here surrounded by a shell of independence. She did not want to rely on anyone for help. She wanted to do EVERYTHING "All by her self".  The shell of independence has slowly broken down.  She now prefers to ask for help and enjoys working along side of us rather than on her own. She was not used to someone guiding her and directing her all day long. She realized that she lacked the freedom that she used to have. Structure was hard for her. Power struggles were a daily obstacle. After about 2-3 months she settled into her new life with pride. She was proud to be 3, proud to have 2 loving brothers, proud to have a closet full of clothes, proud of her toothbrush, and proud of  black patent leather dress shoes.  She arrived from Haiti fearful of bedtime, fearful of dogs, fearful of adults. Carline is now confident around others, joyful around adults, and independent with bedtime. She lights up a room with her beautiful smile, her sweet voice, and magnificent spirit. She had us laughing at dinner time yesterday when we were trying to teach her how to eat corn on the Cobb. She couldn't believe that you just bit into it, and rip the kernels off with your teeth.  She preferred to add butter to the corn over and over, rather than eat it!
We thank you for your prayers and loving support. Many of you have asked if she knows English. Yes she knows 400+words and speaks in full sentences. It took her about two months before she "really started talking". She attends First Baptist Preschool on Tues/Thurs with her brother Levi. She has stayed overnight at a hotel 2 x, been to the Frist Art Museum, Chattanooga Aquarium, Nashville Zoo, Wilderness at Smokies Indoor Water Park, swimming at the YMCA and is learning to inline skate.  We are taking advantage of every opportunity that we have at our fingertips living here in the USA.  She missed out on so much that we take for granted. 
We thank God that he called us to adopt, and that we listened. May He continue to lead our family. 
Kristen and Chad

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