Hello! Thanks for joining us on our adoption journey. Chad and I have decided to adopt a little girl from Haiti. We are excited to learn about what God has in store for our family.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life With Carline

Carline came to join the DeMura family on December 13, 2012. We were thrilled to have her home for Christmas. It was the best Christmas present we could ever imagine (besides Jesus)! She has been a bundle of energy and a lot of fun. She is amazed by light switches, fascinated by running water, and thrilled to brush her teeth. She loves to wasH her hands and flush the toilet. Her favorite thing to play with (and hold) are black dress shoes. She loves hair accessories and doing things "all by herself". She enjoys singing, and has belted out: Amazing Grace, If your Happy and You Know It, Jesus Loves Me, ABC's, & various other songs in Creole we don't understand. Upon arriving, she did not know a single word in English & now she knows a few. Landon & Levi have been wonderful brothers and have adjusted well to having a sister.
Thank you for sharing this journey with our family. Please continue to pray for Carline's transition to life in America & for her to feel like a valuable part of the DeMura family.
Kristen & Chad