Hello! Thanks for joining us on our adoption journey. Chad and I have decided to adopt a little girl from Haiti. We are excited to learn about what God has in store for our family.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Newest Family Member-5 Months Home

Carline has been been home for almost 5 months. She has changed so much, it is hard to describe. She arrived here surrounded by a shell of independence. She did not want to rely on anyone for help. She wanted to do EVERYTHING "All by her self".  The shell of independence has slowly broken down.  She now prefers to ask for help and enjoys working along side of us rather than on her own. She was not used to someone guiding her and directing her all day long. She realized that she lacked the freedom that she used to have. Structure was hard for her. Power struggles were a daily obstacle. After about 2-3 months she settled into her new life with pride. She was proud to be 3, proud to have 2 loving brothers, proud to have a closet full of clothes, proud of her toothbrush, and proud of  black patent leather dress shoes.  She arrived from Haiti fearful of bedtime, fearful of dogs, fearful of adults. Carline is now confident around others, joyful around adults, and independent with bedtime. She lights up a room with her beautiful smile, her sweet voice, and magnificent spirit. She had us laughing at dinner time yesterday when we were trying to teach her how to eat corn on the Cobb. She couldn't believe that you just bit into it, and rip the kernels off with your teeth.  She preferred to add butter to the corn over and over, rather than eat it!
We thank you for your prayers and loving support. Many of you have asked if she knows English. Yes she knows 400+words and speaks in full sentences. It took her about two months before she "really started talking". She attends First Baptist Preschool on Tues/Thurs with her brother Levi. She has stayed overnight at a hotel 2 x, been to the Frist Art Museum, Chattanooga Aquarium, Nashville Zoo, Wilderness at Smokies Indoor Water Park, swimming at the YMCA and is learning to inline skate.  We are taking advantage of every opportunity that we have at our fingertips living here in the USA.  She missed out on so much that we take for granted. 
We thank God that he called us to adopt, and that we listened. May He continue to lead our family. 
Kristen and Chad

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life With Carline

Carline came to join the DeMura family on December 13, 2012. We were thrilled to have her home for Christmas. It was the best Christmas present we could ever imagine (besides Jesus)! She has been a bundle of energy and a lot of fun. She is amazed by light switches, fascinated by running water, and thrilled to brush her teeth. She loves to wasH her hands and flush the toilet. Her favorite thing to play with (and hold) are black dress shoes. She loves hair accessories and doing things "all by herself". She enjoys singing, and has belted out: Amazing Grace, If your Happy and You Know It, Jesus Loves Me, ABC's, & various other songs in Creole we don't understand. Upon arriving, she did not know a single word in English & now she knows a few. Landon & Levi have been wonderful brothers and have adjusted well to having a sister.
Thank you for sharing this journey with our family. Please continue to pray for Carline's transition to life in America & for her to feel like a valuable part of the DeMura family.
Kristen & Chad

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Time Has Come!!

Where do I begin?! God is so faithful. Our only Christmas wish just came true. Carline will be here for Christmas. We just found out a few hours ago that the final step in our adoption will take place on Tuesday December 4. This will be her visa appointment. We will not attend this appointment. We have a power of attorney representing us. It will take 2-3 days to have her visa printed and for us to receive an exit letter from Haiti. We will look for plane tickets tonight! We are beyond thrilled & so greateful.  Tonight, we raise our hands and shout it from the rooftops "thank you Lord, your love endures forever!"
The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still. Exodus 14:14
Thank you for your love and support & and for standing by our side on this journey!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Carline is 3 & has a Passport

   Hello friends and family. Carline turned three this past Friday October 26. It was a hard to think back to last year when we thought she would be home for her 3 rd birthday. Well, we realize this was not God's plan for her or His timing. So we patiently wait and trust in HIM. Every hour of the day I remind myself and give myself pep talks, saying " trust God and know that he already knows the day Carline will come home".  
   I have been checking my emails like a crazy person, checking for news of Carline's passport being printed. We were in the last step (MOI) for two weeks.  Today was the day we received news that Carline has a passport!! Her paperwork will now move onto the US embassy where she will receive a Visa.   
   Everyone asks how long until you bring her home??  There is no timeline when it comes to Haitian adoptions. It could take 1-2 more months. But, we are joyful that the end is in sight!
Please pray specifically:
1. Our case is reviewed and approved by the US embassy. 
2. We receive a quick date for her visa appointment 
3. We bring Carline home before Christmas. 
Thank you for your love and support. 
Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Passport Soon?!

Hello friends and family! We received some great news on Friday. Carline's dossier (documents) have moved one step closer.....to bringing her home. Her dossier is in MOI which is the stage of passports. This is the second to last big step to bringing her home to Tennessee. The next step is Visa ( & there are some small steps inbetween). In the meantime, we will continue to anticipate her arrival. Levi always remembers Carline when he asks for an extra sucker for her at the bank, or exrta sticker from Kroger, or a bible verse of the day from the YMCA. He always asks " Can I save this for Carline".  He is so thoughtful. Landon remembers her when he includes her in a drawing of his family at school or when he asks..." Do you think Carline has ever had a drink box, Popsicle etc....Our family can not wait to feel complete. At each holiday or birthday Chad and I usually say, "Next year Carline will be here to join us in the celebration". The "wait" has taught us the true meaning of patience. 
We are so thankful that Carline started preschool last month.  School allows her to leave her tiny hot room and go upstairs to the upper level, where a couple of small rooms have been transformed into a classroom.  We are giving thanks to God that she has this opportunity. They stand in line outside in the courtyard in the AM and raise the Haitian flag while singing their national anthem. They then head into a small classroom, with basic supplies, and begin their day. The children of Haiti take pride in attending school, because it is a privilege. Carline wears a blue school uniform with dress black shoes. Some of you have asked, where does the adoption money go? Part of it goes to having a school at the orphanage, and paying the teachers who come in from the community to teach.
Please join us in prayer for these specific things:
1. God will surround and protect Carline and her friends at the orphanage.
2. Our dossier will move quickly through MOI ( it has taken others 3wks to 3 months).
3. We will bring her home this year!!
Lord, hear my voice when I call; be gracious to me and answer me.  My heart says this about you, " You are to seek my face." Lord I will seek your face.  Psalm 27: 7-8

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patiently Waiting

My mom and I had a wonderful trip to Haiti the first week in May. We visited the US Embassy to file I600 paperwork, met with the judge for upper court, and received presidential dispensation. It was a really productive wk, and my mom speaks fluent French which was so helpful. Carline was doing wonderful. She is growing and looking more and more beautiful each time I see her. We heard her sing the ABC's in French, which was adorable. She did not talk to us much, but when she was around the other orphans we heard her speak in creole. She loved playing with nesting cups and the peg board. She likes activities that required a lot of thinking and " figuring things out".
    The most upsetting part of the trip was the condition of her room. It was difficult to imagine her day to day living in here. She continues to sleep with girls 3yrs and under, in a crib. Almost every child sleeps in a crib even the 10 yr olds. They were building bunk beds when we left, not sure if they will be for the nannies or older kids. Back to her room....it is extremely damp, hot and stinky. There is no fan or circulation and it is 95 out. So imagine 15 babies in cloth diapers in a small room with no airflow. This may give u a hint of what the room is like. I try to stay positive, knowing that God is in control and this is His plan for this part of Carline's life. She seems happy at the crèche and knows no different. She has friends, is social, and is in good health. We give Him thanks for this.
      We found out on July 19, that we are out of the "Parquet" stage of adoption and we will be moving onto MOI. It is my understanding that after we exit MOI, Carline will have a passport and the visa step is next.
      I am reading the book "Shattered Dreams" by Larry Crab "Shattered dreams are the prelude to joy. Always. In the middle of our pain,God is working for our joy. At some point, He works in ways we can see." ( I like this quote bc it reminds me that I can't always see what God is doing.)
"It's the happiness of serving a God we trust enough to let us cry today, knowing He has promised to wipe our eyes tomorrow."
Thank you for your prayers and loving support!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally Some Good News

I have not posted in a while because I have felt discouraged. Our adoption has not moved a step forward since last May. We had been hoping to travel for upper and lower court in the fall, but heard no news. So we decided to go to Haiti for a little get away and our 9 yr anniversary. Chad and I enjoyed an amazing trip to Haiti in January! We spent some wonderful quality time with Carline. We have been in prayer daily for our paperwork to exit IBESR. Basically our paperwork has been in the same Haitian office(IBESR) for eleven months. Other families have waited 2-6 months and in extreme cases 12 months to exit this office. I have often wondered if our paperwork was lost, not knowing anything for 11 months was painful. We are not able to move to the next step until we exited IBESR...Well today the awaited news came.....WE ARE OUT of IBESR!!! We are now waiting for presidential dispensation. There are still many months ahead of us on this adoption journey. I am just so thankful to hear that we have taken a small step forward.
Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
I am trying to remember that when we are in a period of waiting, God is doing work in me.